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Injection molding – Use low-cost prototyping tools to reduce mold costs and validate part designs

We offer two injections molding service options – prototyping and manufacturing on demand – each option provides its own advantages based on your project requirements. If the number of parts is small, it is important to have a reasonably priced mold entry point, and rapid development in a short period of time is also crucial. Our prototype selection is very useful.

Why use a prototyping tool?

Design feedback

• Receive interactive design for manufacturability feedback and each quote so that adjustments can be made early before prototyping begins.

• Talk to application engineers about any design challenges and manufacturing issues that arise.

Iterative development

• You can have a physical prototype within a few days to quickly modify the design during early product development.

• Produce multiple prototypes simultaneously to compare and iterate designs simultaneously.

• Reduce time-to-market through iterative product development cycles.

Design verification

• Test the shape and fit of the assembly with a small number of molded parts.

• Perform functional tests using prototypes made of production-grade materials.

• Complete online design resource library, including guides, tips, whitepapers and videos.

Market test

• Production of pre-produced injection molded parts to validate market benefits prior to launch.

• Reduce the financial risk of going to market by implementing reasonably priced aluminum tools before mass production begins.